Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Welcome to the wonderful world of Tecmo Super Bowl.  I hate how blogs always start off with the same intro-type post, and here I am doing the same thing myself.

Obviously you already know about Tecmo Super Bowl, otherwise you wouldn't have stumbled onto this blog.  I used to love this game as a kid and had a blast playing on the NES until I got a SNES, then never really played it again for some time.  For a short while when I was in college I stumbled onto some of the ROM editing pages and got interested, but nothing to really get excited about.  More years passed, and the xbox live version came out.  I renamed all the players, but was overall disappointed in the game play.  It wasn't until I happened to see the Madison Tecmo Tourney that NFL films put together that got me hooked. The next day I bought a Retron system, a new original NES controller, and Tecmo Super Bowl from Amazon.  I also recently purchased a Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 cartridge, and am not afraid to say that I forgot how bad a NES controller can cripple your hand!

In this blog I'll be talking about my strategies (or lack there of), tournaments, and about anything Tecmo Super Bowl related.  Hope you all enjoy!